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nedeľa 15. apríla 2012

RECENZIA : The Wind of Life - The Flyers

** spoiler alert **

(I’m not native speaker; I’m only learning English so please do let me know when you find any mistakes.)

The Flyers is the first book in ‚The Wind of Life‘series. I hadn’t heard about this book until I won the book in the giveaway, HEREyou can read my post about unwrapping the parcel 
Author is really nice – the books were autographed and there was a letter enclosed, in which he was asking for my opinion about the book.


The Flyers and the Wanderers have been enemies for a long time. Flyers can fly and the Wanderers can’t. They live separated and hate each other. However, the idea of One People is still alive and many flyers and wanderers are ready to fight against the old Law.
That is summarization of the main idea of this book. It is difficult choice: to uphold for the law, which is brutal, but was instituted by the ancestors or to reject the legacy and unite with Wanderers in forming One People? The prejudices and fear of differences is well-known in our world too.

Generally, I find story interesting and in some chapters it was a real page turner. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of flying – updrafts, downdrafts, freedom, the wind singing…The book is also packed with action, although it could be sometimes more described (for example Timo’s transformation). And the ‘spiritual’ parts were fantastic too – it added the book a little bit of mystery.

I liked all the characters, which were so deeply human, with their feelings, inner thoughts. I liked how fearless and sometimes stubborn Timo was. Despite trying to measure up to his father, he wasn’t just doing things which others found silly (like jumping off The Cliff), but Timo was also always ready to help his friends and to fight against injustice and cruel old law. I liked how clever Dino, Timo’s loyal friend was. I liked how helpful and caring Aldor was. And Wardor, despite being an opponent of Timo, was well-developed too. He was able to manipulate other people into something they didn’t really want.

My favourite character is probably Val as I could relate to her easily. When she was said that her brother had died, she didn’t fall for it. Val was determined to find the truth at any cost and was brave enough to stand against the Law. Her bravery, understanding and fighting for saving her brother is one of the most impressive parts in the book.

Maybe the book could be even more awesome if there would be more characters, not only the main. This would maybe increase the number of pages, but it would provide more detailed point of view.

All in all, this is a great read. I would recommend it to all younger children (but definitely not only for them) who like fantasy.

Dúfam, že sa vám moja recenzia páčila a dajte mi vedieť ak by ste tam našli akékoľvek chyby - rada ich opravím, veď najhoršie sa opravuje po sebe :)

2 komentáre:

  1. Toto je podľa teba primitívne napísané????? Prosím ťa,... krásna recenzia, naozaj. Zelená by bola takto pyšná aspoň na jednu svoju odchovankyňu keby si to prečítala... už by nikdy nepovedala že môžeš písať aj lepšie lebo takto často nepíšu ani Native speakeri.... :-)

  2. ďakujem :) dúfam, že niečo zo seba vysúkam aj na tom certifikáte


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